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Interchangeable Lenses the Answer for Fishing Eyewear

It’s not difficult to buy a pair of polarised fishing sunglasses for under 20 quid, and they will do a reasonable job in bright sunshine. What happens, though, when the sun is hazy, or intermittent? A category 2 polarised lens is the answer, but that means having another pair of sunglasses in your tackle box to cover that eventuality.

Of course, if you can swap category 2 and category 3 lenses in the same frame, it has to be better. Rapid Eyewear’s Catch Pro Black (shown in photo), Catch Pro Silver, Catch Pro Camouflage and Catch Pro Prescription all feature both sets of lenses, plus a category 0 lens for low light conditions. The latter has an anti-glare filter on the flip side, meaning they are perfect for use when the sun is on its last legs for the day, but causing problems as it disappears over the horizon.

Each pair comes bundled with a retainer strap, carry case and a cleaning cloth for under £40.00 – no wonder they’ve been such a popular choice with anglers for the past eight years!

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