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Welcome to the New Look Catch Fishing Sunglasses Website!

Years ago, we started a few websites dedicated to Rapid Eyewear product ranges; in all honesty, it got a bit complicated. To solve this problem, we’ve now integrated all of the ecommerce stuff onto the main Rapid Eyewear website and so from now on, if you wish to buy our products you will be directed there. You’ll be pleased to know you can purchase a full range of spares and accessories on the new site (something you could never do before, here), and we’ve also listed our very latest fishing products for sale.

With the launch of this blog, we will still be able to keep our dedicated Catch Pro fishing customers updated with the latest news on products we launch that are solely related to that particular pastime. On the products page of this website, we will also continue to list all new products and you can simply click on anything that interests you, for a fast-track link through to the ecommerce page on the Rapid Eyewear site.

We hope you like what we’ve done and welcome your feedback – simply message us through the contact form on this website (please do that rather than calling us – thank you).

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