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Why Do You Need Polarized Lenses for Fishing?

Most anglers know they need polarised lenses in their fishing sunglasses, and they probably realise it allows them to see the water (and potentially what’s below the surface) better. But how many know exactly what polarised lenses do, and how they work?

To understand the answer to this, we need to first think about glare. The sun’s rays cause glare by bouncing off horizontal surfaces, such as a road surface, a car windscreen and yes, most important to us here, water. Regular sunglasses might make the glare bearable to look at, but they do not remove it and if it’s a problem on the day you happen to be fishing, you won’t see those all-important aberrations on the surface, or the fish swimming below.

Polarised sunglasses remove this glare by filtering out horizontal light; it’s a simple yet effective way of vastly improving your fishing experience to have them.

Here at Rapid Eyewear, we have developed a range of sunglasses for anglers that include not one but two interchangeable polarized lenses. The beige, Category 2 lens is vital because it can be used when glare is a problem but the sun not that bright, i.e. at a time when regular sunglasses tints are just too strong.

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