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Interchangeable Lenses the Answer for Fishing Eyewear

It’s not difficult to buy a pair of polarised fishing sunglasses for under 20 quid, and they will do a reasonable job in bright sunshine. What happens, though, when the sun is hazy, or intermittent? A category 2 polarised lens is the answer, but that means having another pair of sunglasses in your tackle box to cover that eventuality.

Of course, if you can swap category 2 and category 3 lenses in the same frame, it has to be better. Rapid Eyewear’s Catch Pro Black (shown in photo), Catch Pro Silver, Catch Pro Camouflage and Catch Pro Prescription all feature both sets of lenses, plus a category 0 lens for low light conditions. The latter has an anti-glare filter on the flip side, meaning they are perfect for use when the sun is on its last legs for the day, but causing problems as it disappears over the horizon.

Each pair comes bundled with a retainer strap, carry case and a cleaning cloth for under £40.00 – no wonder they’ve been such a popular choice with anglers for the past eight years!

Sunglasses That Float

Sunglasses made of plastics are generally light in weight, but if you drop them in the river, will they sink or swim? In actual fact, almost all of them will disappear to the murky bottoms and, unless you happen to lose them in the shallows, you may never see them again.

There are two basic solutions to this problem. Firstly, you can use a retainer strap to ensure they stay about your person at all times; this is why we bundle one with the Catch Pro Silver, Black, camouflage and prescription options in our range. Secondly, you can buy Rapid Eyewear’s Float, which do what it says on the proverbial tin.

Float are manufactured from a tough polycarbonate plastic, just like most sports sunglasses, but the difference is a lighter composite that makes them simply bob around on the water if you happen to drop them. The blue Frostech lenses are polarised, and so they are perfect for fishing and at £19.99, you won’t break the bank getting your hands on a pair. The ability to simply fish them out of the water with your net instead of having to head off to spend yet more money on more fishing eyewear is an obvious plus!

You can find out more about (and make a purchase of) Rapid Eyewear’s polarized fishing sunglasses that float here.

Why Do You Need Polarized Lenses for Fishing?

Most anglers know they need polarised lenses in their fishing sunglasses, and they probably realise it allows them to see the water (and potentially what’s below the surface) better. But how many know exactly what polarised lenses do, and how they work?

To understand the answer to this, we need to first think about glare. The sun’s rays cause glare by bouncing off horizontal surfaces, such as a road surface, a car windscreen and yes, most important to us here, water. Regular sunglasses might make the glare bearable to look at, but they do not remove it and if it’s a problem on the day you happen to be fishing, you won’t see those all-important aberrations on the surface, or the fish swimming below.

Polarised sunglasses remove this glare by filtering out horizontal light; it’s a simple yet effective way of vastly improving your fishing experience to have them.

Here at Rapid Eyewear, we have developed a range of sunglasses for anglers that include not one but two interchangeable polarized lenses. The beige, Category 2 lens is vital because it can be used when glare is a problem but the sun not that bright, i.e. at a time when regular sunglasses tints are just too strong.

View the full range of options now in the Rapid Eyewear website fishing sunglasses section.

Pro Black Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing Number One on Amazon


Rapid Eyewear’s Catch Pro polarised sunglasses for fishing continue to be the number one choice for Amazon customers, when it comes to interchangeable lenses. This pair have proved so popular that Amazon now buy them from us as a stock item, the company having been highly impressed not only by the sales, but also the regular glowing feedback given by customers.

Anglers love the quality and versatility of the product, which comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses, a carry case, a cleaning cloth and a retainer strap, all for the incredible value sum of just £38.98. To view and buy the product on Amazon, go here.

Welcome to the New Look Catch Fishing Sunglasses Website!

Years ago, we started a few websites dedicated to Rapid Eyewear product ranges; in all honesty, it got a bit complicated. To solve this problem, we’ve now integrated all of the ecommerce stuff onto the main Rapid Eyewear website and so from now on, if you wish to buy our products you will be directed there. You’ll be pleased to know you can purchase a full range of spares and accessories on the new site (something you could never do before, here), and we’ve also listed our very latest fishing products for sale.

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